Finding Computer Repair Jobs

by Rod Dunne on February 26, 2011

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The key to finding computer repair jobs is knowing where to look, what roles to go after and who is hiring. Here I’ll detail approaches for each of these queries to help you find suitable work.

The usual starting point when trying to find computer repair jobs is via an online search. Start with the major employment websites to begin with. Any employers posting here will receive a large amount of responses to each of their job advertisements so you need to be fast and responsive to any posts.

An alternate way to look for roles is via technology websites and forums. Many employers who have specific technology needs (e.g. data recovery specialists or Apple technology technicians) so will often be very involved with their technology forums. Even to the point of posting up jobs they’re hiring for.

You should also consider any local community websites where smaller enterprises may be advertising roles for local employees interested in computer repair work. This could be once off computer repairs for individuals or small PC repair shops.

When doing any of these searches it is essential to know what types of roles they might be listed under. The standard approach would be to advertise for computer service technicians. You might equally find job advertisements for computer support technicians, field technicians or bench technicians. The role name can change, but the work may often be the same.

The final element to finding computer repair jobs is understanding which employers are out there. You should be looking at computer repair shops as well as small companies in your area that are looking for suitable service technicians with a broad range of technical skills.

If you live in a larger city then consultancy and contracting services may be an option for you. Consultancy work will often involve being on client sites doing computer repairs and would give you exposure to a broad range of technologies. Contract work is something which is better suited to those with deep technical knowledge and a number of years experience.

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