Error Repair Professional: Fixing Software and OS Damage

by Rod Dunne on February 12, 2011

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There are some key tasks which an error repair professional might attempt when trying to fix your PC. These relates to software and the operating system corruption or faults. In this article I’ll step through what these checks are so you may consider attempting them for yourself.

Operating system faults

Trying to fix DLL, OS program or device driver issues is not for the faint hearted. A large number of operating system issues that cause blue screen exceptions can often be traced back to damage to the registry file itself. If you have a registry cleaner already then you can try running it to repair the fault as this is one of the first ‘PC repair’ tool experts resort to using.

Registry cleaners will not however be able to fix DLL problems (apart from any corruption in registry keys where the references the DLL is incorrect). Instead, professionals will use third-party applications such as XP Repair Pro to scan for these types of device drivers/DLL/OS program faults and download and install the replacement files. This is a much cleaner process than trying to manually modify/install the files yourself as you need to make sure to get the correct version for your operating system version.

Software Repairs

Some people would think that an error repair professional might resort to manually fixing most software issues. The only case where this would occur is if a specific program developed a fault. The process for fixing this would involve checking for updates to the program, researching online for known issues relating to the program and running a registry cleaner to make sure registry settings belonging to this application have not been corrupted.

For the majority of applications however they normally resort to PC repair services or utilities such as Reimage. These programs can scan the registry file for signs of faults/corruption as well as the operating system to locate any damage done to programs or applications.

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