Error Fix Review

by Rod Dunne on July 5, 2010

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Error Fix is one of the latest tools to have successfully entered the registry repair software market and has already got 5 out of 5 from This Error Fix review checks out how the software shapes up to its competition for ease-of-use, product feature set and effectiveness at fixing computers registry problems.

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Registry and error repair tools need to be simple to use for beginners but still have some customization for advanced users to get a kick out of using it. The Error Fix software manages this by have an intuitive user interface with over a dozen individual scans that advanced users can drill into, along with a simple 1-click maintenance scan for beginners (containing a subset of default scanning options).

The scan incorporates the fundamental task of registry cleaning and repair for dozens of Windows error types relating to registry corruption. The scan and error repair process takes under 2 minutes to complete.


The product is one of the few registry repair tools to support Windows 7 along with all the previous OS versions. Customer support is via the vendor’s website using online chat functionality and a regular contact form. No phone support appears to be available and the online FAQ could be improved upon (e.g. incorporating customer tickets to show known issues and faults that other users experience).

Value Added Features

The additional scanning options incorporate other cleaning and optimization tasks. Cleaning temporary internet files and personal evidence clearing (passwords, pages viewed, etc.) are nice additions to the product.

The automatic backup is something that beginners and advanced users can make great use out of should their system become unstable. For many Windows error messages relating to registry faults (e.g. virus damage and application uninstall faults), the ability to rollback the registry to an earlier working version is the simplest error repair you can make.

Possible Disadvantages

The Windows Update functionality is a little bemusing to include as many users would (or perhaps, should) be running Windows updates automatically. Perhaps this is included as a convenience to users when Error Fix finds faults that it reckons can be fixed using an update.

The one-year free registry fix upgrades for the Error Fix software could have been extended a little longer, especially when compared with lifetime upgrades for other registry/system tools like Uniblue Registry Booster or Reimage.


The Error Fix software performs well as a registry repair and optimization tool. The additional features help broaden out some of its appeal for cleaning and optimizing your computer.

It would be nice if it also gave some form of indication of how much it had optimized your system, rather than the simple traffic light health status which shows how many registry faults it has found.

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Error Fix | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

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