Entry Level Computer Repair Jobs

by Rod Dunne on February 24, 2011

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Entry level computer repair jobs provide a great introduction to working in IT support services. In this article I’ll show you the various him roles you can consider, the channels through which jobs are advertised and the types of employers you can work for.

Computer repair work is a very broad profession and has a loft of variation. When starting out, your main consideration is what type of role to choose.

Role Types

The principal roles are computer service technicians (hands-on roles where you get involved with repairs and installations) and computer support technicians (supporting products/customers by phone/online media). Service technicians are generally working in the field alongside customers whereas support technicians work in the one location. Some service technicians will also work as bench technicians within computer repair shops.

Job Sites are a Good Starting Point

When seeking out entry level computer repair jobs your starting point is the Internet. Start by looking at the larger job websites looking for the role types described above. You should also consider reviewing various technical forums online as some companies post technical requirements/job specs for roles they need to fill in relation to specific technologies as a way of targeting employees.

You Should Still Contact Firms Direct

This is not to say that contacting companies directly is wrong. Sending your CV directly to a firm or via an agency is still a worthwhile task to do. It shows initiative and the resume may arrive on the manager’s desk just as they require someone. So you save them the task of searching.

Your final consideration is what type of firm you want to work for. Computer repair shops are an ideal way of getting a broad understanding of computer repairs from an entry level position.

You should also consider whether working for a consultancy would suit you better. Consultancy roles will often be based on customer sites, provide you with exposure to specific technologies giving you the opportunity to gain deeper experience and knowledge.

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