Online Data Entry From Home: Legitimate Work Search Tips

by Rod Dunne on December 1, 2010

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Finding legitimate data entry from home employment can be a bit of a challenge given the amount of scam offers for online data entry jobs that are found on the Internet. In this article, we look at some of the effective search techniques you should use when seeking out data entry jobs from home.

Online data entry from home: The need for trust

Doing data entry at home requires trust on the part of the employer and employee as there is rarely a face-to-face meeting between the two parties. If the employer is not a large corporation then it can be even more difficult for the employee to assess if this is legitimate data entry from home work.

Data entry from home scam techniques

The majority of scams try to obtain money from you without actually providing any work. The principally try to do this by insisting you pay for training courses or documentation/manuals for use on the job. This is a common online data entry from home scam and you should walk away from any of these offers, as legitimate firms will have budgets which pay for these expenses.

One of the old school traditional scams is to advertise data entry at home employment in newspaper advertisements. The problem with these print ads is the fact that the editors do not screen or scrutinize the advertisements. If employees report the job they promote as being malicious then the editors of the newspapers are not as diligent at removing the ad as you would always hope.

How to safely search for suitable roles

There are a couple of key search techniques you can use when looking for data entry jobs from home. These are as follows:

  • Use legitimate online job websites: The major employment websites are more thorough about removing and screening at any jobs they advertise on their site. They also have an active customer support department to listen to any complaints they receive about online data entry jobs they are promoting, and are quick to remove them if deemed prudent.
  • Target companies in your region: Even though you do not intend working at their offices, you could filter your job search to only include companies within your area/region as you can more simply investigate the companies behind the roles through colleagues, local news, etc to establish that they are genuine firm. If you want, you could also drop by their offices as an initial face-to-face check.
  • Search for ‘company scam’: No matter which data entry at home employer you go for, you should do an online search for the name including the word ‘scam’ to find any blog entries, online comments or details of other writers who have been caught out by malicious employers.

And finally..

There are a great many legitimate data entry from home employers offering work these days so do not be completely put off by searching for this type of work.

In addition, keep an open mind when searching for jobs as the job title may not clearly indicate if this role can be done from home. You may find that the job titles (e.g. freelance writer, call centre worker, transcription/translation, etc) do not give an indication that you can work from home for these employers, so make sure to delve into the job specifications too to establish employer expectations.

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