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by Rod Dunne on July 14, 2010

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Doing data entry at home is a great way of gaining independence from a regular 9 to 5 office job. Unfortunately, these types of jobs have experienced a lot of scam companies that exploit the fact that you don’t get to see your boss or the company’s premises (if they even exist).

This article takes a look at what scams to be mindful of, how to focus your search to get the best chance of finding authentic work and the job types you should keep in mind while on the job hunt.

Avoiding Scams

Data entry at home work is open to scams because you have to put your trust in the company/schemes without actually being onsite to verify if the company is genuine. Here are some scams to avoid:

  • Money upfront: You should never have to put up any of your own money to join one of these schemes.
  • Purchases: Doing data entry work from home normally doesn’t require additional materials to get started. If the employer states that training materials, books or equipment (e.g. headphones) are required then you should not have to pay for them.
  • Print advertisements: Each online scam started out in newspaper print ads and these are still used today to scam you out of your money. The majority of them are scams as nobody follows up on the veracity of these adverts.

Search Strategy

To have a better chance of getting legitimate online data entry jobs at home you need to search for them correctly:

  • The preference should always be to use the larger online job sites for finding roles. The larger sites are less likely to tolerate scam companies/schemes, especially if negative feedback is received. Use a variety of search terms (work from home, typing at home, telecommute, etc.) and don’t limit yourself by job titles (see below).
  • Contact large corporations in your area (directly or check their websites) for telecommuter roles. Many companies facilitate data entry at home work as an alternate way of outsourcing jobs (e.g. help desk, sales). The benefit of choosing a company in your region is that you can easily research the firm, getting news clippings, company reports and other feedback to establish how trustworthy the firm is.
  • Any company offering data entry jobs at home should be googled along with the phrase ‘scam’. If others have been caught out by the firm then you can be sure they have aired their grievances online.

Job Types/Titles

Data entry at home is rarely advertised with a single consistent job title as the role can involve a huge variety of tasks. It can encompass any type of job were you are working or typing at home. Therefore, your job search can benefit by considering other variations on job titles that go under the umbrella of data entry work from home:

  • Freelance Writer: Writing unique articles for websites, books and companies is an ideal way for creative writers to make some additional money. Services are paid for by the word count.
  • Data Entry: Traditional data entry can cover many activities, textual data entry, numeric data entry, etc.
  • Call Centre: While not widely regarded as data entry, many telecommuter roles in sales, promotion and help desk support do involve data entry.
  • Transcription: Writing up a transcript of audio documents (meetings, conferences, etc.) is easy work to start doing, but can be exhausting to work on for long periods.
  • Translation: If you are multi-lingual then translating documents/text is an ideal way of doing data entry work from home.
  • Computer Technician: Many PC technician roles in customer support are filled using technically proficient individuals that work from home to assist with online chat support, product support, etc.

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