Computer Repair Jobs: Effective Search Techniques You Should Be Using

by Rod Dunne on February 27, 2011

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You increasingly have to use a larger range of search techniques when looking for computer repair jobs. There are now more people in the jobs market looking for these types of roles. This post shows you some of the standard techniques you can use along with some of the approaches you may not have considered.

Many people will restrict themselves to simply using large job websites. There are a lot of well-established sites that already detail plenty of jobs. However, everybody else is looking on these websites too so there will be a lot of resumes going in free trial.

You have to take a broader view when looking for jobs. You should also consider technology forums in areas you have a specific interest and skill in. Employers will often be involved with these types of websites and many forum users will be keeping track of any roles that are becoming available.

It is also essential to search local community notice boards and online forms. They often have situations vacant sections where jobs can be advertised. Smaller computer repair shops and services will often use these. You may even find individual households looking for computer repair help. For example, for simple things like setting up an Internet connection or help with upgrading computer RAM.

No matter which search medium you use, whether that is online or off-line, you also need to be aware of the fact that the role name can differ drastically. Computer repair jobs may be advertised as a computer service technician, computer support technician, bench technician or even a field technician. It is only when you delve into the job specification that actually see what the responsibilities and skills required actually are.

It is still worth directly contacting companies and employment agencies, especially in your local area. Keep an open mind when contacting PC repair shops and consultancy houses in relation to computer repair jobs as you may find that your technical background could make you ideally suited to different types of roles (e.g. office support etc.).

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