Top 2 Computer Optimizer Software Tools

by Rod Dunne on December 13, 2010

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Computer optimizer | Top 3 applications for startup improvements, registry tweaking and overall computer optimization.
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Computer optimizer utilities generally focus on three key areas of system/software performance. This article focuses on the three best computer maintenance software utilities for (i) tweaking the registry (ii) startup optimization and (iii) overall computer optimization.

Best computer optimizer of registry settings

Registry Easy is an effective and popular registry cleaner and optimization software utility which works on all versions of the Windows operating system. As the Windows registry can become corrupted over time it is essential to have a well-established registry cleaner application installs capable of scanning the key settings for faults. The program provides a free scan so you can do a trial run to see just how many faults it can detect in your system.

Registry Easy | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

Best startup optimizer

Many registry cleaners and computer optimization software tools also act as a startup optimizer too, but the most effective and free way to improve start up times is by reducing the number of startup programs that get initialized. This can be done using the start up folder (in the start menu) or by using the System Configuration utility from Windows [start > run > enter msconfig].

The application has a startup tab listing off all of the programs and background services that are initialized as the system boots. You can disable these applications using the check-boxes provided in the tab. The one precaution you need to be aware of when using it is to not disable any security applications or programs you are unfamiliar with. With this in mind, you should research any executables online prior to disabling them.

Alternative free computer optimizer tools

Finally, it is also worth considering some of the free computer optimizer utilities which are already installed with your OS for improving overall performance. Some examples include:

  • Disk Cleanup [accessories > system tools]: Removes any temporary files and cached data which is filling the hard drive.
  • Disk Defragmenter [accessories > system tools]: Reorders data fragments on your hard drive partitions to make read/write access times to hard drive data much faster.
  • Windows Update Service: This can help computer optimization by making sure you always have the latest code for your operating system and device drivers installed on your PC.

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