Why Does My Computer Freeze Up?

by Rod Dunne on November 11, 2010

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Computer Freeze Troubleshooting Tips As To Why Your Computer Freezes Up, And Ways To Fix It
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Trying to work out why does my computer freeze up repeatedly that need to researching various solutions and tips. These problems are tricky to resolve due to the fact that no pop-up message or exception code is shown which you can easily research online, in order to get to the root of the problem. In this article, we’ll show you some of the more common reasons why a computer freezes randomly/frequently and detail some of the software applications and PC maintenance and repair tasks you can use to fix these issues.

Using software to troubleshoot computer freeze problems

Computer freezes frequently happen due to a there being a file corrupted on the operating system. This can include faults to the Windows registry file, DLLs (dynamic link libraries) and device drivers. Unfortunately, as the computer freeze will fail to show you an error message, you cannot pinpoint which program or area the fault lies in.

Causes and solutions to why your computer freezes up

  • Begin your manual computer freeze investigations by verifying there is enough free space on the hard disk. It is generally recommended to keep 10% free for virtual memory to expand. The OS uses this virtual memory to run applications, so once free disk space drops below 5% the memory capacity will become constricted and you will find your computer freezes frequently. Clear out space quickly by removing old applications and transferring documents to an external HDD.
    Suggested tools: Winclear – Advanced data cleaning utility for clearing free space on PCs and securely wiping internet history.
  • Check your registry file has not become corrupted. The Windows registry keeps configuration settings for programs and users and can quickly become damaged as result of viruses or application changes. Fix this automatically using a registry cleaner tool.
    Suggested registry cleaners: Regtool
    : Registry repair and disk defragmentation utility in one.
  • Ensure that you don’t have too many programs running at once. Your PC may simply be running out of available RAM memory to run applications. If your computer freezes randomly then it may be due to the combination of applications you are using (which use a large amount of memory when combined). Start up the Task Manager utility on the processes tab to identify which programs use the most RAM. Make a decision to close, disable, remove or update any of the non-security programs.
  • Check your PC doesn’t have a virus. It only takes one bug or malware application on your PC to result in malicious damage to OS programs and the registry. Keep your anti-virus application up-to-date and scanning all hard drives on a regular basis.
  • Verify if your hard drive needs to be defragmented. This will certainly be the case if it is over one month since a disk defragmentation was done. Computer freeze issues can start appearing as a result of huge volumes of data fragments which cause massive amounts of file caching and RAM memory usage.

    Recommended tool: Run Windows own Disk Defragmenter utility (accessories, system tools) or use an advanced defragmenter (e.g. Regtool is a registry tool that also has an advanced defragmenter utility).

Finally, a computer freeze can also happen if there are mechanical issues with your PC. Verify there are no hardware conflicts using the Device Manager utility (Control Panel, system, hardware tab) and use the troubleshooting wizard in this application to step through some hardware repair options.

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