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by Rod Dunne on July 1, 2010

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Experiencing a computer error is something that everybody has to experience at some time or another. To fix computers properly, the key is to get to the root of the problem through researching in the right locations. Here, we’ll look at the common computer errors most folk experience and ways to solve them.

Types – Pop Up and Fatal Blue Screen

There are two principal types of computer errors that can occur. The first are pop-up errors that occur when using an application and it crashes in the middle of operations. A pop-up error is displayed and your only option is normally to click ‘OK’ to close down the application.

The second is a blue screen exception (a.k.a. blue screen of death) which causes your entire computer to become inoperable and a blue screen is displayed with an exception code and message. Your only option is to reboot Windows.

Resolving Pop Up Errors

To fix computer errors of this type involves understanding if the application is causing the exception because of a bug in the product or compatibility issues with your computer.

  • Take a snapshot, or write down, the exception code/message that the application presented and Google these codes/messages.
  • Ideally, the software house behind the product will appear in the results listing with an explanation or resolution that fix error codes you have observed.
  • Other good sources of information will be the independent user forums – if other users are experiencing the issue then they will have already done some ground work to find a solution.

A computer error fix may not be possible if this error is due to a compatibility issue. All software release are tested on specific OS with recommend CPU/RAM configurations. If your computer is not in line with requirements then the product has a higher potential of throwing pop-up errors.

Resolving Fatal Blue Screen Error

A blue screen computer error can be due to many factors – device driver issues, new hardware conflicts, registry corruption, application installation issues, virus damage, etc. There is no one fix that will fit for all these faults, but the following advice should help get you started on finding a solution to some common computer errors.

To fix computer errors like this, note down the computer error code and message and check the Microsoft Support site ( for an explanation of the code. This should be your primary source of computer error help with blue screen error codes as the issue relates directly to the Windows operating system. Check secondary sources by Googling the code to check forums for possible causes & workarounds.

  • If hardware was recently installed then remove it so as to discount this as being the cause of the problem.
  • Registry issues that result in blue screens can be due to virus damage, application installation problems and many other problems.
  • If your computer fails to reboot, or your computer freezes, then attempt booting in safe-mode. Once your computer is restarted run a back-up of personal data, then complete a full anti-virus scan to establish if this was the possible cause of the issue. Alternatively, use the Microsoft Emergency Boot disk to get Windows started.

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