Cheap Hard Drive Recovery: Software for Repairs and Recovery

by Rod Dunne on December 20, 2010

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Cheap hard drive recovery software | Suggested tools for disk repairs of bad sectors and data recovery.
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The arrival of cheap hard drive recovery applications and HDD repair utilities have made it possible to recover critical data in many circumstances and also fix a broad range of software faults affecting hard disks. In this article, we’ll take a look at some suggested computer maintenance programs for internal and external hard drive recovery as well as products for fixing bad sector damage, boot record issues, etc.

Cheap hard drive recovery software

When picking a cheap hard drive recovery tool, it is essential to get one that supports the file system type for your drive. For most people, this would be an NTFS/FAT based file system. Two products we suggest trying out are:

  • Remo Undelete : FAT/NTFS support, All Windows OS; Free trial scan.

Both these applications can retrieve deleted files, formatted data and lost documents from internal and external hard drives (including flash based memory devices). External hard drive recovery can be done using these tools since many external devices use the FAT file system.

Remo Undelete has a free trial scan offer so you can test it to see how many of your lost documents it can actually retrieve.

Remo Undelete | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

HDD repair software

Some of the more common HDD repair activities include fixing bad sectors, repairing damage to the master boot record, etc. Some of the software options you can consider include:

  • Microsoft’s Disk Checking utility [Windows Explorer/pick a partition/properties/tools]: this application can scan for bad sectors on the disk and attempt to repair the faults. Any sectors that cannot be repaired will be flagged as unusable so that no further data is stored in these locations.
  • Manufacturer tools: Many computer makers will also supply their own hard disk repair software specifically designed to handle their hardware. This is often free to customers and highly specialized to target specific faults with your hard disk.
  • HDD Regenerator: This disk repair utility is capable of fixing a broad range of issues relating to hard disk software (i.e. not hardware faults) and capable of repairing bad sector faults that even the Microsoft tool cannot repair.

Important note: Of all computer maintenance programs, any tools that attempt to repair sectors on the disk can potentially reorganize data which may make it more difficult for data recovery software to collate file fragments. For this reason, you should always try using your hard drive recovery software first before making any attempts to repair bad sectors or use disk defragmentation utilities.

When to use a hard drive recovery service

Finally, you may have to resort to hard drive recovery service if your own attempts at data recovery or hard disk repairs have been unsuccessful. You should resort to these services immediately if your hard disk has developed a mechanical fault as any expensive or cheap hard drive recovery software utilities still need the disk to be in a mechanically healthy state in order to work correctly/effectively.

A hard drive recovery service will also be able to partially retrieve data from a disk that has been overwritten by analyzing the disk for data shadows (electronic footprints of former files).

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