Using Software To Recover Data From Crashed Hard Drive Partitions

by Rod Dunne December 5, 2011

The primary tools used to recover data from crashed hard drive partitions is a data recovery application. In this post I’ll show you how to use regular file retrieval software to reclaim your lost data. Recommended software Remo Undelete: FAT/NTFS support, All Windows OS; Free trial scan. Process Using data recovery tools is actually quite (more)

PC Maintenance – About This Site

by Rod Dunne May 15, 2010

Why Build this Website? I believe that often reviews made 1 or 2 years following a product release show how a product has benefited the user over time. Such a review garners more information about how incremental upgrades/improvements are factored into the product. In addition, these form of reviews then benefit from the product being (more)

Why Should You Use The Reimage Repair Tool?

by Rod Dunne May 15, 2010

A one-stop PC fix solution like the Reimage repair tool gives individuals and IT professionals the ability to quickly repair any Windows computer. This post delves into the features that the product provides and how these features will benefit you. Product Features It fixes only the missing or faulty parts of your computer’s software and (more)