USB Protection Comparison: Devices Versus Software

by Rod Dunne December 13, 2011

The two main methods of USB protection are using software applications (installed on the USB device) or secure hardware devices (built with security chips embedded in them). Here I’ll show you what the benefits and drawbacks of each approach are over the other. It is critical to secure USB device contents especially given the potential (more)

USB Protection Device: Pros and Cons

by Rod Dunne December 12, 2011

Using a USB protection device to secure data is becoming more popular as their prices decrease closer to their un-protected USB device counterparts. This type of hardware is essential for storing critical/sensitive data, especially when that data relates to a firm’s customers. In this post I’ll show you some of the advantages and disadvantages of (more)

Why USB Protection Is Essential

by Rod Dunne May 23, 2011

Failing to use USB protection software or devices as cost of many government employees who have lost their USB memory drives only for them to be found and read by the media. This is embarrassing for the employees and their departments and raises the potential of legal action as well as data protection issues. Here (more)

Tips For Using USB Protection Software

by Rod Dunne April 22, 2011

USB protection software from the likes of BitLocker To Go and True Crypt can effectively password protect the contents of your USB drives and are in widespread use. In this article I’ll show you some of the key things to keep in mind when using these products to best protect your critical data. Before choosing (more)

USB Protection Software: Pros and Cons

by Rod Dunne January 28, 2011

USB protection is an increasingly important subject for employees working in government or financial institutions. Safeguarding the contents of customer data stored on USB drives is essential whether through software or hardware devices. In this article I’ll show you some of the pros and cons of using software utilities in order to protect the contents (more)

System Security Virus Removal

by Rod Dunne November 1, 2010
Thumbnail image for System Security Virus Removal

The System Security virus is a particularly malicious malware application due to the fact that it can stop you running your PC maintenance software and anti-virus tools. In this article, we’ll go through the three approaches to removing these types of bugs. Background Even if you have the best Internet security firewall installed along with (more)

Trojan Virus Removal

by Rod Dunne October 18, 2010
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Trojan virus removal should be achievable using anti-virus tools if any of these malicious applications manage to get onto your PC by passing itself off as an e-mail attachment or some form of Internet download. These viruses can cause untold damage to your operating system and also transmit personal information out onto the web. In (more)

USB Protection – Software & Hardware Options For Password Protecting Flash Devices

by Rod Dunne September 13, 2010

Security software and encryption chips have long been used for fixing computers security gaps, but USB protection has only recently begun to be just as important. A lost key can easily store thousands of documents which others can all too easily access. Here, we’ll show how USB protection software and hardware can be used to (more)

USB Flash Security – How To Protect Critical Data

by Rod Dunne August 30, 2010

You increasingly hear in the news of customer data being found on an employee’s lost laptop, simply because they didn’t bother to password protect folder contents. USB flash security is an even bigger concern for companies as these are even more portable than laptops and prone to being lost or stolen. Here, we’ll look at (more)

3 Ways To Get A Clean Hard Drive

by Rod Dunne August 6, 2010

If you need to fix PC errors or are passing on your computer to a third party then it is essential to know how to clear out old data/personal information. Here, we’ll look at 3 approaches for getting a clean hard drive, each of which has varying security considerations. 1: Cleaning Hard Drive Contents By (more)