Error Repair Tool: Registry Cleaners and PC Repair Services

by Rod Dunne December 5, 2011

Before you pick an error repair tool is important to understand what the differences are between registry cleaners (or optimizers) and PC repair tools. In this post I’ll detail what these products generally fix the make sure you pick the right utility. Registry cleaners/optimizers The Windows registry file is a key system configuration document storing (more)

Error Repair Pro Tips: How to Fix DLL Issues Correctly

by Rod Dunne December 4, 2011

Some of the most useful error repair pro tips relate to how you can fix DLL issues yourself. Here I’ll show you three different ways to rectify faults with DLLs through indirect means. But first, a warning! Many forums will recommend downloading individual DLL files in order to fix DLL issues where the file is (more)

Runtime Error Repair

by Rod Dunne May 5, 2011

There are a number of different options for trying to complete a runtime error repair. In this article I’ll go through some of the key ways I use to repair these types of faults, or simply workaround the issue. Updating the program files A runtime error invariably relates to one specific application or software tool. (more)

System Error Repair: Troubleshooting and Fixing OS Issues

by Rod Dunne March 30, 2011

In this article I’ll show you some system error repair techniques which can help resolve DLL issues, device driver issues and registry problems. This includes options which are freely available as part of the Windows operating system as well as commercial tools that can automatically repair registry and OS program faults. #1 Using application updates (more)

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing Randomly: Hardware Issues You Can Fix

by Rod Dunne February 20, 2011

If you’re asking yourself why does my computer keep freezing randomly then the first concern you should have is mechanical problems. In this article I’ll show you how to check for different types of mechanical faults or component problems which could be leading to the issue. 1. Registry Problems On the majority of occasions, computer (more)

Error Repair Professional: Fixing Software and OS Damage

by Rod Dunne February 12, 2011

There are some key tasks which an error repair professional might attempt when trying to fix your PC. These relates to software and the operating system corruption or faults. In this article I’ll step through what these checks are so you may consider attempting them for yourself. Operating system faults Trying to fix DLL, OS (more)

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing Repeatedly: Check The Log First

by Rod Dunne January 17, 2011

If I find myself wondering why does my computer keep freezing repeatedly then the first port of call are the log files. Many users are not aware of these Windows files and how they can be useful with these types of issues. In this article I’ll show you how to locate and use the event (more)

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing Up | Program Issues

by Rod Dunne January 14, 2011

Each time I find myself wondering why does my computer keep freezing up my initial concern relates to what applications could be causing this. Here I’ll show you how to pinpoint what services or applications could be at the roof the problem. New apps If you have recently installed a new application and the computer (more)

Window XP Registry Cleaner | Tips And Tools

by Rod Dunne January 3, 2011
Thumbnail image for Window XP Registry Cleaner | Tips And Tools

It is quite common now to use a Window XP registry cleaner as part of your home computer repair activities. The registry is a critical system file so maintaining the state of its key settings is essential, especially on older XP machines. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the products you can choose (more)

Error Repair for Windows PCs

by Rod Dunne December 16, 2010
Thumbnail image for Error Repair for Windows PCs

By using effective research and generally available utilities, it should be possible to fix PC errors on most occasions. Here, we’ll look at some Windows error repair techniques to help you resolve software application and operating system issues. Error repair tool choices Each Windows error repair tool on the market attempts to resolve different areas (more)