Slow Laptop Fix Tips: Top 6 Actions You Should at Least Attempt

by Rod Dunne December 17, 2011

Some of the more general slow laptop fix tips can prove to be quite effective for resolving the majority of PC performance issues. In this article I’ll show you some of the more common techniques you can use to help improve speeds for all applications as well as the operating system. Make sure your registry (more)

Slow Laptop Startup: Reducing the Strain on the OS

by Rod Dunne December 16, 2011

Slow laptop startup times are a direct factor of the number of applications initialized at boot time as well as the performance of each of these programs. Here I’ll show you how to reduce the strain on the operating system as it is booting up from a full system restart. When your operating system is (more)

Very Slow Laptop: Disk Space and Fragmentation Issues You Can Beat

by Rod Dunne December 15, 2011

One common cause of a very slow laptop is problems with disk space and the amount of fragmentation of its files. In this post I’ll show you why this can occur and how to resolve the problem. Disk space If your laptop keeps freezing repeatedly even when running basic applications then it may well be (more)

Slow Laptop Startup: How to Tweak Boot Performance

by Rod Dunne December 7, 2011

Slow laptop startup times are caused by the amount of applications being initialized as the system starts, along with the performance of these programs. In this article I’ll show the two steps to improving boot performance. Step one: Disable programs from being initialized at boot time There are a number of different ways to identify (more)

My Computer Keeps Restarting by Itself – Help is at Hand

by Rod Dunne December 6, 2011

Whenever my computer keeps restarting by itself then the priority is to get back into the Windows OS in order to run anti-virus scans, registry checks and OS repair programs. Here I’ll show you some of the techniques for getting the system restarted. Safe mode boot Your first option is to try booting the system (more)

Fix Slow Laptops: Have You Updated Your OS And Applications?

by Rod Dunne October 18, 2011

Slow laptop speeds can often be due to problems with your applications. In particular, the software can become out of date are contained old poorly-performing code. Here I’ll show you key areas where you should do updates to help improve performance and stability of your system. The operating system programs and device drivers If your (more)

My Computer Keeps Restarting With A Blue Screen

by Rod Dunne September 30, 2011

On those rare occasions when my computer keeps restarting with a blue screen then there are a few key ways to troubleshoot the issue and getting the system back running again. In this post, I’ll sure the key things to check for different ways to get the system rebooted once again. Your starting point is (more)

Fix Slow Laptop Speeds: Do Registry Cleaners Work?

by Rod Dunne July 13, 2011

Registry cleaners and system optimizers often claim to be able to improve slow laptop performance by running a scan and tuning the registry file. In this article I’ll explain how these tools work on what sort of gains can be expected. Your Windows registry file contains configuration information for all users and applications running on (more)

Slow Laptop Solutions

by Rod Dunne April 12, 2011

There are many types of slow laptop solutions available today ranging from free to commercial options. This article shows you some of the most common approaches to improving PC speeds. Suggested Tools: XP Repair Pro Registry & system optimization for Windows 7, Vista & XP. The Windows registry keys can become corrupted or faulty over (more)

Why My Computer Keeps Restarting

by Rod Dunne April 9, 2011

Anytime I find myself wondering why my computer keeps restarting and two key areas to check our hardware faults and software corruption. In this post I’ll show you my checklist of items to check for and ways to workaround or resolve the issue. Hardware checks Begin by making sure the system is not overheating. Check (more)