HDD Repair Freeware Options

by Rod Dunne December 14, 2011

The best HDD repair freeware choices you can make center around Windows tools and manufacturer applications. In this post I’ll show you where to find these tools and how to get the best from them. Before making any repairs with these products you should be sure to make backup copies of your data. These products (more)

USB Protection Comparison: Devices Versus Software

by Rod Dunne December 13, 2011

The two main methods of USB protection are using software applications (installed on the USB device) or secure hardware devices (built with security chips embedded in them). Here I’ll show you what the benefits and drawbacks of each approach are over the other. It is critical to secure USB device contents especially given the potential (more)

USB Protection Device: Pros and Cons

by Rod Dunne December 12, 2011

Using a USB protection device to secure data is becoming more popular as their prices decrease closer to their un-protected USB device counterparts. This type of hardware is essential for storing critical/sensitive data, especially when that data relates to a firm’s customers. In this post I’ll show you some of the advantages and disadvantages of (more)

HDD Repair Bad Sectors

by Rod Dunne December 9, 2011

In terms of HDD repair bad sectors are one of the more common types of faults or corruption you can experience. Software is available that can attempt to repair the fault but it can’t be guaranteed to work every single time. Here I’ll show you what tools can be used and how best to use (more)

HDD Repair Software: Which Tools Work Best?

by Rod Dunne December 8, 2011

There are a number of different HDD repair software choices available. This can make it difficult to decide which one to choose. In this article I’ll show you a reliable way of choosing which product is best for your system. If you do experience bad sectors or other corruption to the hard drive then your (more)

Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive Sectors: Data Recovery Service Options

by Rod Dunne December 7, 2011

The last resort when trying to recover data from crashed hard drive sectors is often to contact a data recovery service. Here, I’ll show you what services these experts can provide along with some tips about how to get the most out of their services. Data recovery experts have done extensive training in the tools (more)

My Computer Keeps Restarting by Itself – Help is at Hand

by Rod Dunne December 6, 2011

Whenever my computer keeps restarting by itself then the priority is to get back into the Windows OS in order to run anti-virus scans, registry checks and OS repair programs. Here I’ll show you some of the techniques for getting the system restarted. Safe mode boot Your first option is to try booting the system (more)

Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive Sectors by Repairing the Faults

by Rod Dunne December 4, 2011

The fundamental way to recover data from crashed hard drive sectors when a system has developed a fault is to get to the root of the problem and resolve the fault. In this post I’ll guide you through some of the troubleshooting checks to perform in order to get to the root cause. Overheating Your (more)

External Hard Drive Repair: Doing a Full System Analysis

by Rod Dunne November 22, 2011

Any external hard drive repair requires looking at all the possible hardware and software faults affecting your drive. In this post I’ll show you a checklist of different issues which you should be looking out for. This begins with hardware checks which should always be done first just in case there are mechanical faults that (more)

My Computer Keeps Restarting With A Blue Screen

by Rod Dunne September 30, 2011

On those rare occasions when my computer keeps restarting with a blue screen then there are a few key ways to troubleshoot the issue and getting the system back running again. In this post, I’ll sure the key things to check for different ways to get the system rebooted once again. Your starting point is (more)