Using Web Based Services to Do a Laptop Data Backup

by Rod Dunne December 11, 2011

Increases in broadband speeds have helped make online laptop data backup services more viable. Users can now rapidly backup/upload files to online servers. In this article I’ll show you what is involved in using one of these services and some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with them. Prior to 10 years ago these types (more)

Using Software to Do a Laptop Data Backup

by Rod Dunne December 9, 2011

Doing a laptop data backup frequently is generally highly recommended, but few users manage to keep making backups after an initial few attempts. The problem often is that it can be a laborious task. Luckily, synchronization software makes this activity quite simple. In this post, I’ll show you how to use these tools along with (more)

Laptop Data Backup Approaches: Local Copies Vs. Online Services

by Rod Dunne April 3, 2011

The two principal ways to do a laptop data backup are to make a local copy (e.g. synchronize the laptop data to an external hard drive) or upload data to a backup server. Here I look at the pros and cons of both approaches to show how each can be suited to different types of (more)

Laptop Data Backup Services: Using Online Solutions

by Rod Dunne March 8, 2011

Laptop data backup services have started to spring up on the web more frequently nowadays. While many users will still make local copies on CD or external hard disk drives, the online backup services can prove to be invaluable for those traveling with their laptop on the road. In this article I’ll show you the (more)

Laptop Data Backup Tools: Making Local Duplicates

by Rod Dunne January 25, 2011

The traditional way to do a laptop data backup has always been to make local copies to CD or an external hard drive. While this approach is a little antiquated and harks back to techniques that have been used for decades, it is still very valid today. Here I’ll show you what software utilities to (more)

Website Backup Options: Picking the Right One

by Rod Dunne December 21, 2010

Website development and content authoring has moved from residing on developer’s computers to the modern approach of using web-server based programs (e.g. WordPress). As a result, the best backup solution for your websites depends on how your site is coded, and how much automation you require. Here, we’ll show the evolution of website backup software, (more)

Computer Backup Options | Choosing Local Versus an Online Computer Backup

by Rod Dunne December 21, 2010

Doing a data backup should be a critical part of every PC owner’s regular computer repair and maintenance activities. There are currently two computer backup options to choose from (a) using an online computer backup service and (b) local backups that use computer backup programs to synchronized files. Here, we’ll take a look at the (more)

Free Registry Fix Software

by Rod Dunne November 15, 2010

Registry damage can occur quite easily due to viruses or application problems on your PC. Many users will resort to using free registry fix programs to resolve these issues, since the problems only occur infrequently. In this article, we’ll focus on some of the computer maintenance software you can use, along with the precautions you (more)

Offsite Tape Storage

by Rod Dunne October 3, 2010

For decades, offsite tape storage has been the primary way of completing system/data recovery within companies. Many firms still recover lost data using backup tapes in preference to some of the more modern storage options. This article takes a look at the reasons for the ongoing success of backup tape storage and the important considerations (more)

Best Backup Solution – How To Choose The Right One

by Rod Dunne August 20, 2010

Computer backup options for home PC users are often as varied as the number of devices, backup utility applications and online services that now exist. This makes picking the best backup solution all the more difficult. Here, we’ll take a look at the 3 best backup solutions/types and highlight which one(s) work best based on (more)