Best Registry Cleaner – Top 2 Tools Compared

by Rod Dunne on November 5, 2010

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Trying to pick out which is the best registry cleaner software utility on the market is no easy task given the hundreds of applications that are out there. What it really comes down to deciding for yourself is how you wish to use the product. In this article, we’ll go through three effective computer maintenance software utilities in order to highlight what types of users, and situations, they are best suited to.

Registry Easy

Registry Easy is a straightforward registry cleaner and optimizer (a.k.a. regedit cleaner) that can do a simple scan and repair to this critical Windows system file. It has a nice backup functionality which allows you to save and restore the file if it becomes corrupted and un-repairable at any stage.

Many of these products also try to compete based on the value-added features they provide, and this product is no different. It also includes a data evidence cleaner, a tool for removing junk files and Internet Explorer plug-in scanner (so a similar Firefox scanner is noticeably absent).

Best registry cleaner for: The basic interface and simple scans are really best suited to novice users or people who don’t want to be bothered with doing complex scans. It is an ideal choice for running on a weekly/monthly basis as part of your other computer maintenance work. It does not however fix DLL issues or other OS problems outside of the registry file.

Registry Easy | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

XP Repair Pro

XP Repair Pro has been around since 2005 and could be considered one of the best registry cleaners based on its volume of users (over 3 million already downloaded the product). The program allows you to run a simple scan which will cover the majority of the 60,000+ repairs that it’s capable of fixing. More technical users can get extra gains out of running some of the customized advanced scans too.

The product also features a backup and recovery section allowing you to save versions of the reg-file and restore them as needed. All the top registry cleaner tools have this backup feature by default, which is a crucial utility in rectifying virus damage or other system faults.

Best registry cleaner for: The variety of scans makes this utility that anyone from the novice to advanced user could make effective use of. It also works well as a daily and special purpose computer maintenance tool (using simple scans primarily for daily checks).

XP Repair Pro | PC Maintenance Software | Click Here For A Free Scan

In summary

Trying to choose the best registry cleaner software utility really comes down to how you want to use the application. Running monthly, weekly or even daily repairs could easily be done using either Registry Easy or XP Repair Pro.

The latter application possibly provides more future expansion for running different scans at a later date (even if you currently only need a one-click cleaning solution). That said, sometimes the best registry cleaners are those which are easy to use; so Registry Easy may be the ideal choice for a large number of people.

Each of these registry cleaners provides a free trial scan so you can at least test them out first to see how many faults they can identify (and therefore potentially fix).

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