Bad Sector Repair Software Recommendations

by Rod Dunne on January 15, 2011

in Hardware

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Good quality bad sector repair software are relatively few and far between. In this article I’ll cover some of the main tools you can use that are freely available and suggest some commercial tools too.

Main Bug Cause

Bad sector issues can be due to a number of different reasons including mechanical and software issues so it is important to try and repair them promptly. The first thing you should do is back up all your data to make sure it doesn’t get lost.
If the problem is actually quite serious then there is the possibility that the disk could become inoperable making it more difficult to retrieve/recover data.

Windows Disk Check App

In terms of free bad sector repair software, Windows provides a disk checking utility that is available on all OS versions. The only downside to using the tool is that any sectors that cannot be repaired will be made unavailable for storing data at a later stage. This makes backing up your data even more important.

The product is run as follows:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Choose the disk drive or partition you want to scan.
  3. Right click on the disk icon and select properties.
  4. In the properties window choose the tools tab.
  5. Click the check now button in the error checking section. Different OS versions provide different options at this point so you should either choose a thorough scan or an option to check for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.
  6. Hit the start button to begin the repair.

It is recommended to keep backing up your data on a regular basis after the bad sector repair software has been run. This is due to the possibility that the read/write heads are misaligned/damaged and are still causing further damage to bad sectors.

Third-Party Tools

Third-party bad sector repair software are not as widely available as many other types of products. Perhaps this is due to the broad range of hard drives that they would have to support. Your first option will be to check the manufacturer’s website to see if they have their own disk management tools. Alternatively, two recommendations for generic HDD repair software include HD Tune Pro and HDD Regenerator.

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