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by Rod Dunne on May 15, 2010

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Why Build this Website?

I believe that often reviews made 1 or 2 years following a product release show how a product has benefited the user over time. Such a review garners more information about how incremental upgrades/improvements are factored into the product.

In addition, these form of reviews then benefit from the product being tested on several systems, covering multiple error fix attempts.

For the individual user or home office user I tried searching for various PC maintenance software utilities and was unable to find one within my price range. Reimage had originally been recommended to me by a former work colleague who uses it fix computers in his small work office and his search for similar products had only highlighted costly enterprise systems/solutions intended for larger offices/enterprises. In his case, a one-stop PC fix solution worked out cheaper than individual products to clean registry files and fix the OS/applications.

The one similar tool I found that gained positive feedback was the popular Registry Easy, but this tool solely concentrates on repairing the Windows registry.

From this initial point, I have continued to add reviews, evaluations and advice culled from my ongoing work in technology management

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